The jewels of the ocean: Seahorses are one of the most fascinating marine creatures. However, these cousins to sea dragons face a terrifying fate that hardly anyone talks about. Bought as souvenirs, kept as an aquarium decor piece, or used in medicine, these marine creatures are in danger and they need immediate support from us.

These fantastic marine creatures are an endangered species, but are still caught, sun-dried, and grated. They have been declared as a protected species by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species in China, yet the stores are full of jars containing them as if they were normal products.

These marine animals are used in local medicine as being a powerful aphrodisiac. Thus, between shark fins, tiger bones, and starfish, seahorses have also become one of the ingredients for potions considered miraculous. It has already been long considered that the loss of habitat, pollution and acidification of the oceans have driven them to the extent of extinction.

Every year, Chinese medicine uses millions of specimens that are marketed to live in aquariums, medicine, and to serve as souvenirs. They are dried openly in the street, as if it is a normal thing and not a crime to be punished.

One of the most prosperous markets is that of Guangzhou to the north-west of Hong Kong, where in a way by no means scientifically proven, the poor seahorses are thought to have miraculous powers against impotence.

An obsolete practice that joins many others:
Like the tiger bones that used to treat arthritis and other common diseases like impotence.
Lion bones to make sweets, wines, and remedies as well.
Rhino horns which are believed to cure fever, seizures, and hallucinations.
These are just a few examples.

In short, useless and unsustainable traditions that do nothing but damage the natural system already severely tested by climate change and the loss of habitat caused by human “development.”
A real loss to the entire planet in the name of ancient ideas and lies, unfortunately life is still very little valued on planet Earth.

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